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The Soroush Complex has been able to use an exquisite blend of art and science along with its craftsmanship in industry to respond to the ever-growing need in the country and in the region for architectural design in need of stone carvings that is not only beautiful but also delicate and exotic. We, here in our production lines, bring out the beautiful ‘soul’ from the stones so it would glitter like gold when placed on a the pedestal of towers and office blocks. This is only achieved through the artistic hands of our craftsmen who possess a dynamic mind in architecture and technology and can bring out the best in our products.

The production line has benefitted from profiling in different kinds of ladder, foundation, risers as well as other key and classic features of stone cutting that have been mechanized so that all the design is made within the manufacturing compound.

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Main Office

Unit 25, Sina building, Pasdaran St.,

Tell : +98 21 22890057

Tell : +98 21 22883341

Fax : +98 21 22883342

Soroush Factory

Golshid, Nakhlestan Blvd., Shams Abad Ind. Township,

ZIP code : 18 3416 3741

Tell : +98 21 56233243-7

Fax : +98 21 56233248

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