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The epic entrance of the Hosseini family

first person who established the first Granite Mining in Natanz

The establisher of the communion of mining and stone cutting factories, Mr. Hasan Hosseini was the very first person who established the very first Granite Mining in the city of Natanz in central region of Iran and this was the epic entrance of the Hosseini family dynasty in the realm of stone cutting and construction business in which now two decades have passed on generation to generation.

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Lagohar mine

100000 tons of granite stone

In 2003, the lagohar black granite mining was able to launch its initiative and now the apparatus is able to produce 100000 tons of granite stone annually and the black granite that is produced in this premises is actually

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Abyaneh mine

High quality world-class Travertine

Since Soroush Production Complex has been forced to expand upon the need for more export along with the mass production need to satisfy the internal use of the country for white and creamy travertine

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Shafagh mine

150000 tons of white and black granite

Being the single largest granite-mining complex in the Nataz region, the Shafagh mining complex has been established by Mr. Hosseini since 1992 with the aid of his associates. The establishment has been able

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Control, sorting and shipping is processed with the most precise and accurate means and the stone lumps carried ...


soroush stone decorative home


By using a creatively arranged set of stones along with pattern designs that give taste to the overall design of the ...

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